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$2.1 MILLION FOR APALACHICOLA BAY The U.S. Department of Labor awarded Florida a National Emergency Grant to provide training to oystermen who have been displaced since Tropical Storm Debbie hit the state in 2012. The $2.1 million will help more than 90 oystermen and women in the Apalachicola Bay area.

SUNRAIL Central Florida’s SunRail commuter rail project began operation on May 1st.  The first day saw over 10,000 riders, and subsequent daily ridership has remained near that level.  Rides will remain free to the public until May 19th.  A one-way fare from Seminole County to Orange County will cost $3.00.  The train runs every half hour during the peak morning and evening hours, and every two hours in between.  It will not currently be available on weekends.

ORLANDO TOP TOURIST DESTINATION Beating out New York City, Orlando welcomed 59 million visitors in 2013 taking the title as the most visited city in the nation. Almost 95 million people visited Florida last year.

COAST TO COAST CONNECTOR The Legislature included $15.5 million in funding for the 275 mile coast to coast bicycle trail stretching from Titusville on the east coast to St. Petersburg on the west coast.  Funding was vetoed last year by the Governor.

CITRUS GREENING  The State has been battling a deadly disease which threatens Florida’s citrus crop.  Once a tree is infected, there is no cure.  The Legislature appropriated $13.7 million for research to find a cure for a disease killing Florida’s citrus industry.

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