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CITRUS GREENING The U.S. Government’s 2014 Farm bill will direct $31.5 million to research ways of fighting citrus greening. Citrus greening continues to spread throughout Florida, severely damaging the $9 billion a year industry. It was reported on July 25th that researchers at the U.S. Department of Agriculture research center in Fort Pierce have found success using heat treatment to heal citrus trees suffering from greening disease. Researchers are also are studying to see benefits of dripping antibiotics into the trunk of a sick tree.

In the meantime, the Florida Department of Citrus has unveiled a Marvel Comic-created “Captain Citrus” to boost stateside sales in orange juice. Canada and South Korea are the big juice drinkers, with South Korea importing over 16 million gallons in 2013.

SUNPASS   SunPass users  may have noticed a slight increase in the tolls charged for driving Florida’s Turnpike and other state toll roads. The 1.5 percent increase began July 1st and will mean just pennies at most toll roads, with a 32-cent increase for the entire length of the Turnpike. Cash rates will not increase at this time.

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