Issues of Interest

HOUSE LEADERSHIP The race for the 2024-2026 House Speakership is underway with the members of the freshman class planning to meet in this summer. With 27 freshman Republicans, the designee will need 14 votes.

ANTI-TERROR FUNDING Orlando will receive $3.25 million in federal anti-terrorism funding from the Department of Homeland Security’s Urban Area Security Initiative grants this year, more than double what they received in 2018. The grant is part of more than $590 million available to 31 “high-threat, high-density” cities and urban areas to help pay for training and equipment.

FIU BRIDGE COLLAPSE Magnum Construction Management, the now bankrupt construction company that built the pedestrian bridge on Florida International University’s campus, and its insurers reached an agreement to pay up to $42 million to surviving victims of the collapse and to the families of the six who were killed. The Department of Transportation recently released records that indicated engineers confirmed that cracks in the concrete structure were growing on a daily basis.

UNWANTED ANIMALS Florida Today has published a list of the top ten unwanted animals found in Florida. Topping the list is the Burmese Python. As we have reported before, the snakes are wreaking havoc in the Everglades. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission is spearheading efforts to destroy them. Also included on the list are feral hogs, cane toads, lionfish, giant African land snails and domestic cats!