From the Capitol

Campaign season is still under way with the General Election just weeks away.  If you would still like to request an absentee ballot, contact the Supervisor of Elections in your county by 5pm on October 29th.On October 1st, 32 of the bills passed by the Legislature this past session went into effect. Some of interest include:

PARASAILING The “White-Miskell Act” strengthens the operations of parasailing businesses by requiring the operator to obtain and maintain an insurance policy, a weather log and a current and valid license issued by the U.S. Coast Guard.

HUMAN TRAFFICKING  Several statutes going into effect will increase penalties when children are the victims of human trafficking; eliminate the statute not requiring specialized training for investigators; create penalties for “branding” of victims; eliminate the statute of limitations; and prohibit minors from working in adult theaters.

LAW ENFORCEMENT  The Florida Law Enforcement Hall of Fame will now be housed in the State Capitol.

OFFENSES AGAINST UNBORN CHILDREN  The “Florida Unborn Victims of Violence Act”  provides penalties for death or bodily injury to an unborn child if committed during a criminal offense.

SEXUAL OFFENSES AGAINST STUDENTS BY AUTHORITY FIGURES Called the “Stop Harassing Underage Teens Act”, the law increases penalties for teachers and other authority figures who commit specified sexual offenses against students.

PHARMACEUTICALS The law provides for new registration requirements and standards for sterile compounding pharmacies from other states dispensing compounded sterile products in Florida.

NEW SPECIALTY LICENSE PLATES Four new vanity license tags will become available in January for Fallen Law Enforcement Officers, the Florida Sheriffs Association, Keiser University and Moffitt Cancer Center.

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