Bills Signed into Law

Bills signed into law by Governor Scott:

Medical Use of Marijuana This bill crafts guidelines for the further implementation of Amendment 2 to the Florida Constitution, passed by 71 percent of Florida voters last November. This will address patients’ eligible medical conditions, caregiver qualifications, set up a research and education coalition and testing labs, provide a sales tax exemption, limit the number of dispensaries, recommends an educational campaign and gives rule making authority to the Department of Health.

Medical Marijuana Use Registry A public records exemption has been created for identifying information of patients, caregivers and physicians in the medical marijuana use registry and certification process.

Public Employees State employees earning less than $40,000 annually received a $1,400 pay raise, while a $1,000 pay raise will be given to those earning more than $40,000.

Educational Options  This bill expands the Gardiner Scholarship Program for students with unique abilities and increases the scholarship amounts for the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship program.

Instructional Materials  This bill revises the review process for instructional materials to make it easier for parents and county residents to challenge a school district’s instructional materials.

School Athletics This bill increases opportunities for private school students to participate in sports at public schools.

School Bus Safety This bill creates the “Cameron Mayhew Act” which provides additional penalties for failing to stop for a school bus that result in serious bodily injury or death.

Assistive Technology Devices Students are now able to take home their assistive technology devices, such as laptops supplied by the school.

School Crossings The Florida Department of Transportation will conduct a study of the viability and cost of creating a state-wide system for the designation of safe school crossing locations.

Florida Center for the Partnerships for Arts Integrated Teaching This bill saves the Florida Center for the Partnerships for Arts Integrated Teaching, based at the University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee, from repeal.

Student Loan Debt Colleges and universities will annually provide students with financial information about their student loans.

Groveland Four This resolution acknowledged the grave injustices against the Groveland Four, the four African Americans who were falsely accused of the rape of a white woman in Orange County in 1948.

Self-defense Immunity The burden of proof for self defense must be placed on the prosecution. This law has already been challenged.

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