2015Legislative Bills


As of January 5, 2015, legislators have filed 204 bills for consideration during the 2015 Legislative Session.  Some of the issues under consideration include:

  • A repeal of the provision within the Texting While Driving statute that would make it a secondary offense.
  • The creation of school safety designees who would have the authority to carry concealed weapons while on campus.
  • Requiring the use of body cameras by uniformed police officers while on patrol duties.
  • The reduction of class electives required for high school graduation from eight to seven and one-half.  A new course in personal financial literacy and money management, worth one-half credit would be required.
  • Required attendance by middle and high school students, with certain exemptions, of a screening of the film “America- Imagine the World Without Her”.
  • The reduction of the Communications Service Tax, which is applied to telecommunications, video, direct to home satellite, and related services.
  • Sale of lottery tickets through the internet.
  • Lifetime electronic monitoring for sex offenders.
  • The repeal of utilities’ collection of cost recovery fees prior to the construction of nuclear power plants.
  • Eliminating the death penalty for capitol felonies.
  • Requiring referrals for autism screenings when appropriate.

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