2014 – 2015 Budget Items Vetoed by Governor Scott

The Fiscal Year 2014-15 budget (also known as the General Appropriations Act) was signed into law by Governor Scott on June 2nd. Of the $77.1 billion budget passed by the Legislature, only $68.9 million in projects were vetoed by him. It was a good year for many social service agencies, infrastructure projects and the arts and culture community.  For details of passed and vetoed items, please contact us and we can provide background information for you.

Some highlights of vetoed items:

Stetson University Sage Science Center Office and Lab $3.25 million
Agenda 2020 City of St. Petersburg $975,000
Shands Winter Haven Hospital – rural outreach services $1 million
Jackson Memorial Graduate Medical Education program $36,820
Telemedicine Initiatives:
–          Baptist Health South Florida $275,000
–          St. Vincent’s Healthcare $275,000
–          Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare $1 million
Florida Center for Nursing $200,000
Construction of a new Children’s Medical Facility, Ocala $1.1 million
Civil Legal Assistance $2 million
Medicaid Fraud Control Unit’s Data Mining Initiative $1.5 million
Florida Energy Technology Projects $25,000
Sarasota Fairgrounds $250,000
City of Cocoa Beach upland seawall $2 million
Lionfish Bounty Payments $427,206
Silver Star Road Walk/Bike Trail Crossing, Planning and Design $150,000
Skyrise Miami $2 million
Seaport Employment Training Grant $300,000
Regional Planning Councils $2.5 million
City of Oviedo Amphitheater $1.5 million
Grow Tampa Bay Technology – Tampa Bay Technology Forum $375,000
Bok Tower Garden Foundation, Polk County $113,933
State Touring Program $200,000
County Courthouses – Calhoun and Jefferson Counties $200,000 each


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