Legal Updates

STAND YOUR GROUND Florida’s Supreme Court has ruled that the state’s 2017 controversial burden of proof requirement switch from the defense side to the prosecutor side is not retroactive. The ruling paves the way for a number of cases that had been awaiting the ruling.

FLORIDA SUPREME COURT With two anticipated vacancies on Florida’s Supreme Court, thirty-two individuals met the Christmas Eve deadline with their applications. The Florida Supreme Court Judicial Nominating Commission will review the applications, interview candidates and submit the names of finalists to the Governor. Justices Barbara Lagoa and Robert Luck were nominated by the President to fill two federal appeal seats on the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeal in Atlanta, Georgia.

MOBILE PHONE PASSWORDS The 1st District Court of Appeal declined the State’s request for a rehearing involving its decision that prohibits judicial orders requiring individuals to disclose their mobile phone passwords. The court ruled such orders would violate self-incrimination rights. The Florida Supreme Court was asked to provide clarification of the law.