Legal Updates

TIKD LICENSURE Tikd, a startup phone app, has been ordered by the Florida Supreme Court to answer the Florida Bar allegation that it is practicing law without a license. The app allows you to upload traffic tickets in less than two minutes with the company assuming all responsibility and guaranteeing drivers will receive no points on their license or they are issued a full refund.

ESTATE RELATIONSHIP After years of uncertainty, the Florida Supreme Court has clarified that the attorney-client relationship in estate cases rests between the attorney and the fiduciary of the estate, rather than between the attorney and the beneficiary.

FRONT YARD GARDENS The Florida Supreme Court has elected to not hear an appeal of a case against the Village of Miami Shores which had passed an ordinance prohibiting the cultivation of a garden in the front yards of residential homes. A resident filed suit against it, but two courts ruled in favor of the Village. The City of Orlando currently allows such gardens in residential neighborhoods.

THE BEATLES COPYRIGHTS Apple Corps Ltd., the holding company for The Beatles trademarks, has filed a $100 million lawsuit seeking damages from 50 online retailers. The suit alleges these companies are selling counterfeit goods using Apple Corps trademarks.