Issues of Interest

DOZIER SCHOOL FOR BOYS The state last searched for additional burials of former residents at the Dozier School in 2015. With over 180 boys still unaccounted for, the team of University of South Florida experts will be back at the site conducting additional detection methods. Hampering the efforts is the growth of woods on the site since the 1980’s.

DIY HOME RAPE KITS Attorney General Moody has joined forces with law enforcement officials throughout the country questioning home rape kits. Companies are marketing these kits as an alternative to the often-long wait times for results from traditional kits. The concern is whether results of at-home kits would be admissible in courts.

CONCEALED WEAPONS Commissioner of Agriculture Nikki Fried approved the cut in the review time for concealed weapons licenses from 50 days to one day for those with no prior issues. The review time for those with prior arrest records or prosecutions is 25 days, down from 88 days. There are at least 2 million active concealed weapons licenses now.

POPULATION GROWTH Florida will continue growing by more than 300,000 people a year and will top 22 million residents in 2022. That is about 906 people moving to the state per day.

PRISON POPULATION Florida’s 95,613 state prison population will continue to increase gradually over the next few years to an estimated population of 96,940 by 2025. The slight increase is attributed to a consistent growth in drug and weapons charges.