Issues of Interest

CITRUS There was more bad news for the citrus industry in Florida this month as the USDA forecasts 46 million boxes of oranges for the 2017-18 season, down 4 million from last month’s estimate. The industry was hit particularly hard by Hurricane Irma.

IGUANAS The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has hired a trapper to try and control the iguana population on public land in the Florida Keys. Iguanas have been burrowing into sewer lines, and even appearing in people’s toilets. They damage natural areas, consume plants important to dwindling species like butterflies and can spread salmonella by defecating in people’s swimming pools.

GREEN SEA TURTLES In spite of a hot summer and busy hurricane season, green sea turtle nests hit record numbers this year. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission documented approximately 39,000 green turtle nests this year. Last year most nests did not hatch due to the hot, dry summer. Fortunately, Hurricane Irma came late in the season when most nests had already hatched.