Issues of Interest

WILDLIFE CORRIDOR The Florida Cabinet approved spending $17.8 million to purchase and conserve more than 3,500 acres of Florida land. Two of the properties, in Osceola and Marion counties, are part of the Florida Wildlife Corridor. The goal is to connect 18 million acres from the Keys to the Panhandle to preserve wildlife habitats.

MANATEES  Over 800 manatees died in 2022, marking the second deadliest year, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. In 2021, 1,100 deaths were recorded. Starvation continues to be the main cause, although boat strikes are another culprit. During the most recent cold snap in December, hundreds of manatees converged in the Indian River Lagoon near the Cape Canaveral Energy Center. The power station discharges warm water that the manatees seek in the cooler months. Once again this year, lettuce is being been fed to the manatees as an attempt to limit the number of deaths by starvation. Since December 16th, over 66,000 pounds of lettuce has been fed to them with 400,000 more pounds anticipated this year.