Issues of Interest

PUBLIX SCALES In a generation, customers at Publix will no longer remember the huge scales in front of the store. Founder George Jenkins installed the scales in every grocery store for 81 years, in part because most people did not have access to a scale except at their doctor’s office. Sadly, the manufacturer has stopped making them and new stores are beginning to open without them.

WATER QUALITY Over $481 million for water quality programs were made available through grants administered by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. The funding includes $394 million in federal funds for wastewater treatment improvements and $67 million in state and federal funds for projects to protect Florida’s springs including land acquisition/conservation easements and wastewater infrastructure improvements. 

HIRING BONUSES The Florida Department of Corrections introduced incentives for new correctional officers. These include a $3,000 new hire bonus for all new correctional officers; a $1,000 hiring bonus for correctional officers to join high vacancy institutions; a $1,000 hiring bonus for certified correctional officer applicants and bonuses for current correctional officers and probation officers.

ANTI-DRUG CAMPAIGN The Facts: Your Future is a new anti-drug initiative aimed at school children state-wide. Through this Florida Department of Education initiative, public schools will be provided materials to engage students and improve their understanding of life-altering effects of drug abuse.

EVERGLADES The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers completed work on a $339 million Everglades restoration project, the first part of a long-term plan that involves 68 projects. The C-44 reservoir will capture, store and clean water runoff from farms and development before it is routed to the St. Lucie River.

JACKSONVILLE AVIATION AUTHORITY Thirteen million dollars has been given to JAA for new infrastructure improvements at the Cecil Airport and Spaceport. The funding is provided through the Florida Job Growth Fund, Space Florida and the Florida Department of Transportation and should add over 3,000 jobs.