From the Capitol

The Legislature has been sending bills to Governor Ron DeSantis since the session ended on March 8th. As of this date, has received 113 bills and signed 74 since the session’s conclusion. Once received, he has 15 days to take action by either signing a bill, letting it become law without his signature or vetoing it. A selection of some of the bills he has signed are outlined below.

ONLINE PROTECTION OF MINORS House Speaker Paul Renner’s top priority was signed by the Governor on March 25th. Kids under the age of 14 cannot create social media accounts. Older teenagers can do so with parental approval.

FOOD DELIVERY Food delivery platforms like DoorDash or GrubHub will need permission from restaurants to include them in their delivery platforms and will have to abide by new rules, including providing ways for restaurants to contact them directly. Local governments are prohibited from adding other restrictions on the companies.

TRANSPORTATION A Florida Department of Transportation package was approved that changes some funding allocations and provides additional regulatory requirements and structures. The department secretary will no longer be nominated by the Florida Transportation Commission nor the secretary appoint the inspector general. It revises definitions and regulations related to streetlights and traffic rules at railroad-highway grade crossings, including penalties for violations.

MOVING COMPANIES New regulations are in place for moving companies and brokers that should protect customers from price-gouging, withholding of possessions and excessive fees. The Florida Department of Agriculture will list all moving brokers and registered movers on its website.  

HOT CAR DEATH PREVENTION The month of April is designated as “Hot Car Death Prevention Month” to increase public awareness and education on the risks and prevention of leaving children unattended in vehicles. The Florida Department of Children and Families, Florida Department of Health and Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles are encouraged to sponsor public awareness events.