Legislative Issues


The bill filing deadline is noon on January 11th, 2022. As of this writing, 2,703 bills have been filed with many more anticipated in the next month. Here is a sampling of some of the bills filed so far.

LICENSE SUSPENSION Drivers licenses would no longer be suspended for failure to pay certain court fees and fines if legislation passes. And the bill also reinstates drivers licenses for those who currently have had their license suspended for such reasons.

GUNS There is proposed legislation to eliminate the requirement for a concealed weapon permit in order to carry a gun in Florida. Other bills filed thus far include bans on high-capacity magazines and assault weapons; strengthening requirements to keep guns out the hands of minors; background checks requirements on ammunition purchases; and FDLE information submission on persons not legally able to possess firearms to the Florida Crime Information Center.

NURSING HOMES Legislation would significantly change staffing requirements in nursing homes. It would cut nursing care from 3.6 hours to 1 hour in skilled nursing facilities and primary care providers would include not only licensed nurses but nursing home activity staff as well. Currently, if nursing homes do not meet the direct care requirements, they are banned from accepting new clients. The ban would be reduced to a fine if this bill passes.

FREE MENSTRUAL PRODUCTS Bills have been introduced to require public schools to provide free feminine hygiene products to students.