Legal Updates

COVID-19 BUSINESS RENT The national clothing store Guess? Retail, Inc. suspended rental payments throughout the country during the initial stages of the pandemic. A Miami-Date County landlord sued the company alleging that the lease required the payment of rent, even during force majeure events, including government-imposed closures for the pandemic. A county circuit court judge decided against Guess in a first of its kind of ruling in Florida. 

PARKLAND COPS GET JOBS BACK A Broward County judge ruled that two sheriff’s deputies are entitled to get their jobs back along with accrued unpaid salaries since their firing. The two officers were fired after they failed to confront the Parkland school shooter in 2018. The judge determined that the required termination documents were improperly submitted and filed two days past the statutory deadline. 

SHAQ GETS THE MONEY A Florida appeals court has approved an attorney fee award of over $400,000 for Shaquille O’Neal. The fee is associated with a long running legal battle the former NBA star had with his former tech support provider over leaked emails.

LAST CALL FOR ALCOHOL A Miami-Dade circuit court judge has determined that a new City of Miami Beach law forcing dozens of South Beach clubs to stop alcohol sales at 2 a.m. is unlawful. The judge determined that the city commission’s vote approving the measure was not property executed.